Appreciating our achievements & Focusing on what we want

Today i finally had a day off, a chance to lay in & thank God that crazy side back pain has disappeared.

I learned that really focusing on what you do want, not whats going on right now will really help you to make what you want your reality. The case of the back pain is proof, i received about 10 different diagnosis’ from different people, but thought to myself i don’t care what it might be…i just want my back to be healthy, strong , flexible & pain free.

My friend in ATL got ‘let go’ 2day and had to leave asap withjout saying bye to anyone…i thought that was cold but i guess thats how its done. She is a survivor and new oppertunities always open for her.

I excitingly put in the code for my Glam media ads for  ….excitement over. Its funny how when you don’t have something and you really want it, it seems like the best think ever..hence why your so excited and motivated to get it. Then when you’ve experience the joy of being able to get it and its not as great as you imagined…then what?

We are always wanting more which is only natural, but we also have to make sure we take the time to appreciate our achievements, otherwise they end up having no value.

Signing off

Xx CB xX


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