Not Manifesting x Something better is Coming + Have FUN!!

So we are entering the 2nd week of the new year and i have already been experiencing a few pot holes in the road. In the moment they really did get me but through speaking to the great supportive people that i am so fortunate to have around me, and meditation i was able to slowly but surely get it together again.
Sometimes when i think I’ve followed the steps to attract the things i want, and i do not succeed or it isn’t allowed i start to doubt myself again.
I know that if you act from the lack of then you are not likely to get the positive results you want. But i really believed that i took the time to do the aligning work before i acted. There was still part of me that thought i wouldn’t get what i wanted and that is what i blamed the non manifestation on.

However i don’t like that feeling point, after consideration i thought
a; maybe better things are lining up for me
b; i have to have ssssssoooooooooooo much more fun with it.

So that’s where i am now, happily waiting for the better situation to come to me (because i acted out of a kind of desperation before), and no matter what allowing myself to have fun with it….because the anxiety / stress feeling just isn’t for šŸ™‚

So after every storm there is a rainbow, and when you are at some of your lowest points if you just take the times to just be still, pray or meditate a better situation will come to you ….quickly. I think the speed of the change of situation is based upon a strong desire and a true lack of resistance.

Things are still pending for me and every now and then the flutter of anxiety does come back but i know i have the choice and space to reach for a better feeling thought. And it does have to be a better FEELING thought (just thinking it will not help) in order to eradicate the feeling of anxiety, depression or fear.


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