A lil bit more Gossip anyone???

The new season of Gossip Girl starts this Monday on CW in USA for the rest of us im sure we can catch it on our local stations soon enough or ‘online’

As a special treat they have released a 5 minute preview of the 1st episode, check it out below;


Presenting Pastry…..

Since launching their Cake collection from the Pastry shoe collection in March 2007, Vanessa and Angela Simmons (from MTV’s Run’s House) have had huge success and introduced clothes and bags to their line. They are currently at the Magic show in Las Vegas showing their future collections but check out the images below for the current lines!!

Four kisses t-shirt in Silver and Black

Pastry retro Print Hobo in Plum

Pair with these great Fab Cookie Hitop in Silver fruit!!

Superwoman by Alicia Keys

A great inspirational video by Miss Alicia keys

You can also share your superwoman story, check it out!!

How choosing the right thoughts can change your life

“If you can change your thinking, you can change your life” ~ Louise Hay

The great thing is that we can all change the way we think. Sometimes we get disheartened because we think our situation is out of our control but no matter what the scenario we all have control over the way think and feel. So this is the starting point, let’s change the way we think and feel to change our lives.

The first step is awareness – Becoming aware that you do have the abililty to change your thoughts to change your life.

Then it is to state what your desire is, i.e. what you want to achieve, whether it is to change something or to gain / create something new in your life.

You must then really feel that the new desires / intentions/ thoughts/ wishes that you have really can become a reality (some liken it to having a child like faith).

So what tools can you use to make this a reality?

A useful starting point is positive affirmations.

A positive affirmation is a statement said in the present tense about where you want yourself and / or your situation to be.

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