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The Amazing Results of Meditations

Today, following on from my intentions of meditating daily…i was able to do a guided meditation. I love meditating because whenever i do it and really commit, great things happen afterwards.
One hour after my meditation somebody called me out of the blue, i had been wanting to speak to this person for a long time to rectify a situation. I think the result of that conversation began to end a chapter in my life that needed to be closed. And as one door is closed another one opens, and indeed another one did open. I enjoyed great renewed communication with a loved one.

I made a joke on twitter that i felt like Dr. Phil today because everyone was having relationship problems and coming to me to listen to them or give them advise. I pretty much gave the same advice to all people, because the root cause of their problems were the same.

eBay drove me crazy today with the saftey dept, not really understanding me as a seller, but that also led onto something good….a development in another avenue.

And finally i was able think of a name for a new social networking site that myself and my brother created, with a little bit of focus. FYI, i have been trying to think of a name since september, 3 months, with little focus.

So for sure i will be meditating tomorrow, i felt peaceful allday and look forward to the amazing results it will bring.

Note: The meditation was by Dr Wayne W. Dyer – Meditations for Manifestations