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If your going to think , Think Big

I feel great and like i am on top of the world…im finally going to Africa.

It’s something that i’ve wanted to do for over 6 years and it’s happening just at the right time. I will be going about a week after my birthday so i think it will be an amazing spiritual journey.

This whole year has been everything on my own terms (mainly lol) which is a lot for me since i’m the youngest of 5 children, the only girl so alot gets placed on my shoulders.

I fully utilise the Law of Attraction and more than anything i’m really enjoying the process of visualising what i want, and just letting things flow by being happy.

Not everything has gone ‘perfectly’ but i always take the positive out of those things and use it to push me further to my goals in life.

Through meditation and Yoga mainly i have been able to learn to take inspired action rather than just acting alone.

Because of this i was able to plan this trip to Ghana, increase the traffic to my Pop Culture Blog Women: For Change , become contributing editor to a top womens entertainment website , i joined twitter and have communicated with people i admire including a short ‘DM’ from my all time fav ‘Mariah Carey’, started another business which i am passionate about, improved the communication in my relationship and thinking more about some of my bigger goals which are to finish writing my book and have it published by next year , start Women For Change Foundation and Women For Change Coaching… Lots of big dreams….because someoneo once told me that if your going to think you may aswell think big.


Not Manifesting x Something better is Coming + Have FUN!!

So we are entering the 2nd week of the new year and i have already been experiencing a few pot holes in the road. In the moment they really did get me but through speaking to the great supportive people that i am so fortunate to have around me, and meditation i was able to slowly but surely get it together again.
Sometimes when i think I’ve followed the steps to attract the things i want, and i do not succeed or it isn’t allowed i start to doubt myself again.
I know that if you act from the lack of then you are not likely to get the positive results you want. But i really believed that i took the time to do the aligning work before i acted. There was still part of me that thought i wouldn’t get what i wanted and that is what i blamed the non manifestation on.

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I am the Reason I am not Growing

I’m excited to know that people are reading this blog, i started it again not with the main purpose of attracting readers but as a means of true expression.

I am the reason i am not growing.

That is a statement not meant as isolated blame, but so i know where i am so i can make the decison to change it. I’m happy that i am to blame and that it has nothing to do with an external factor external , because i feel like i can make a change starting right now.

So what will my changes be?

Stating what i want, hoping & believing that i can get it* and letting go.

I have tried this many times before and it always works, so why i dont use this all the time….i don’t know.

Well actually i do know, those damn external influences 🙂

I am stating 5 short term goals in my personal note book and will apply the process stated above. I’m not going to put a time frame on it but i will do a post whenever one has been achieved.

Appreciating our achievements & Focusing on what we want

Today i finally had a day off, a chance to lay in & thank God that crazy side back pain has disappeared.

I learned that really focusing on what you do want, not whats going on right now will really help you to make what you want your reality. The case of the back pain is proof, i received about 10 different diagnosis’ from different people, but thought to myself i don’t care what it might be…i just want my back to be healthy, strong , flexible & pain free.

My friend in ATL got ‘let go’ 2day and had to leave asap withjout saying bye to anyone…i thought that was cold but i guess thats how its done. She is a survivor and new oppertunities always open for her.

I excitingly put in the code for my Glam media ads for  ….excitement over. Its funny how when you don’t have something and you really want it, it seems like the best think ever..hence why your so excited and motivated to get it. Then when you’ve experience the joy of being able to get it and its not as great as you imagined…then what?

We are always wanting more which is only natural, but we also have to make sure we take the time to appreciate our achievements, otherwise they end up having no value.

Signing off

Xx CB xX