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Looking for Joy Rather than Strength

Having gone through some amazing ups and downs or ‘contrast’ through this month of January, i have significantly changed what i ‘wish’ / ‘pray’ / ‘ask’ for.

I must admit that i was inspired by Oprah and was an Ah Ha moment for me.

I no longer ask ‘God’ or pray for Strength.
I’ve had strength and i’m going to ba asking for Joy from now on.
My Ah Ha moment was that all this time i have been asking for strength when things were getting hard for me. I think that may have brought more things into my life that are slightly harder that i could have the ‘strength’ to cope with.
Thus i have become this person who may be known to some as being strong and being able to deal with things that others may not be able to cope with.

So now im asking for Joy, i would love to ‘cope’ with all the Joy that is thrown at me


A New beginning……

today is the 1st day of a new me, a new direction in my life…well rather the prequel. As of the end of this year i no longer work for my family business (not my decision but i think i did manifest it). i dont think it was handled in the best way but not the worst either. let’s just say no more feeling bad, or putting other people before myself.  All of that is self inflicted and i do create my own reality so today i want to make a declaration;

I will always remember that i create my own destiny and take responsibility for my life.

I will achieve my dreams of being a web mogal, best selling author, empowerment & motivational speak amongst other creative ventures.

No need to go into other stuff here , this is what i want to focus on for now. How do i plan to do all of this….i dont know and thats not my job.