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Simmons Jewelry Co. Green Initiative

Now available to buy in the UK and USA online for $125 or £125;

Russell Simmons Launches The Green Initiative ™ Bracelet
Exclusively at H.Samuel The Jeweller

H.Samuel and The Simmons Jewelry Co™ are proud to introduce a premium quality malachite and rough diamond unisex bracelet in aid of the
Diamond Empowerment Fund™ (DEF).

Worn by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles, Mischa Barton and Forest Whittaker, this statement piece is now internationally recognised as a symbol of universal support for the African people. Each bracelet is made with green malachite which is an indigenous mineral of Africa, North America and Asia. Green is one of the primary colours of the African continent and symbolises the Simmons Jewelry Company’s commitment to Africa and the African people through the work of the Diamond Empowerment Fund™.

Founded in 2007, the Diamond Empowerment Fund™ is a non-profit international organization established in order to work towards the empowerment of Africa. The fund’s mission is to raise money and support education initiatives that develop and empower people in African nations where diamonds are a natural resource.

Available exclusively in selected key H.Samuel stores and from, The Green Initiative bracelet is available in two unisex sizes and is priced at £125. There will be a contribution from the sale of each piece to the Diamond Empowerment Fund™ from the sale of each piece, in order to further aid the African people through structured educational programs.

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